The Archaeological Research Team

John Parker, Ph.D., R.P.A.

Dr. Parker holds a Ph.D. in Archaeology, Masters Degree in Anthropology, has been a Registered Professional Archaeologist/Historian since 1985.  Dr. Parker meets the Secretary of the Interior Standards in the areas of archaeology and history.  He began conducting archaeological research in Lake County in 1971 and has conducted hundreds of archaeological surveys and mitigation projects throughout the County.  These studies include reports for geothermal leaseholds, private land development projects, and to fulfill local, state, and federal agency environmental review needs.

In 1985, Dr. Parker was invited to the UCLA Archaeology Program where he completed his doctorate by researching Clear Lake Basin prehistoric sites[1].  Dr. Parker spent the next 14 years in San Luis Obispo County where he held positions with the County Planning Department, taught at Cal Poly and Cuesta College, and conducted numerous cultural resource evaluations for agencies and private companies.  In 2008, Dr. Parker and his wife moved back to Lake County where he continued his studies of Lake County history and archaeology.  

From 2009 to 2011, Dr. Parker was appointed by the County Board of Supervisors to sit on the Lake County Heritage Commission. 

In 2021, Dr. Parker was elected President of the Lake County Historical Society.

Cheyanne Parker

Cheyanne Parker has worked as a professional archaeological field and lab technician for 25 years.  Under professional direction, her duties have included archaeological and historical field surveys, excavations, laboratory analysis, and artifact curation.

Between 2000 and 2008, she served as Staff Archaeologist with the Parker & Associates Archaeological Research Facility at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

Prior to her work as an archaeological technician, she held positions as an EMT for Cambria Ambulance (1993-2001), instructor for the Cuesta College Emergency Medical Technician, First Responder, and Red Cross CPR Classes (1995-2000), and served as director of the Cambria Crisis Intervention Team (1994-2000).

She has received several distinguished service awards and commendations for her work in the health care industry.

Mrs. Parker has conducted numerous public awareness programs and received awards for her work with various civic groups including Rotary, Odd Fellows, and Lions clubs.

She has provided in-class nature programs for elementary and secondary schools.

Archaeological Research Background

Archaeological Research offices are located at 3095 Riviera Heights Drive, Kelseyville.  Dr. John Parker (owner Archaeological Research) has 51 years of historical and archaeological field and research experience (31 years in Lake County).  He is a founding member of the Register of Professional Archaeologists, meets the Department of the Interior’s requirements as an archaeologist and historian, has conducted thousands of cultural/historical resource surveys and hundreds of archaeological and historical site mitigation projects throughout California (including everything from 1700’s adobes[1] to 1890’s resorts[2]).

Archaeological Research projects range in size from single-lot historical inspections for private developers to large acreage projects for corporate developers, energy companies, local, state, and federal agencies.  In addition to standard cultural resource management services, Dr. Parker is frequently called in to provide cultural resource training programs for Native American tribes, city and county agency officials.