Archaeological Research Services

Using fill to preserve a cultural site before construction occurs atop the fill

Recovering cultural items from a prehistoric site during the grading process.

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Dr. Parker is a Registered Professional Archaeologist and has been assisting land owners and land managers with planning laws and requirements for more than 50 years.

Dr. Parker received his Ph.D. in archaeology from UCLA in 1994 and is a Registered Professional Archaeologist with more than 50 years of field, lab, and research experience. He has worked in all areas of California and held archaeology positions with many local, state and federal agencies; including the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Caltrans, State Parks, city and county public works, school districts, etc. He has provided archaeological expertise to countless private companies, organizations, and individuals including Duke Energy, MCI, AT&T, and Shell Corporation.

Dr. Parker has successfully nominated 54 historic and prehistoric sites to the National Register of Historic Places and has secured appropriations totaling more than $4 million for the purchase,
preservation, and interpretation of 38 of these resources. He has developed and run cultural and archaeological programs at all educational levels as well as for the general public, federal, state,
and local agency officials.

His work has earned him recognition from the Society for California Archaeology, city and county agencies, Native American organizations, educational organizations, and various civic clubs and citizen groups. In 1984, Dr. Parker was a nominee for the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Honor Award.

His work has been seen on CBS Evening News, Good Morning America, CNN, FOX, in newspapers and in magazines such as People, News Week, Archaeology, Omni, Westways, American Film, Instructor, Sunset, California, and Preservation News.