During July 2002, Archaeological Research was asked to monitor construction
excavation for additions to Mission Prep High School in San Luis Obispo.

The 1920's Catholic school is located across the street from Mission San Luis Obispo,
one of the 21 Spanish missions built in California when it was part of Spain during
the 1700's.  Although a surface inspection of the project area failed to turn up any
historical materials, it was expected that buried artifacts and historic features
related to the Mission might be discovered.

During the construction work, 17 buried historic features were encountered and
recorded.  These included buried trash deposits, a filled-in well, privy, foundation
footings, and school sandbox.  Five features represented Mission Period activity
(1776-1834), ten features represented Immaculate Heart Convent School activities
(1876-1924), and two features were related to the existing 1924 Catholic school.

The largest and most revealing feature was the outhouse associated with the 1876
Convent school.  This feature contained a wealth of artifacts that we were able to use
to reconstruct the daily life of teachers, students, and staff at the school.  Click on
the "Outhouse" button to get an idea of the type of information that can be obtained
from a study of the contents of an outhouse.

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