Federal CRM Resources (click on a title to open the document)

  1. Executive Order 11593
  2. Archaeological Resource Protection Act
  3. National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) 36-CFR-800
  4. 106 Checklist
  5. 106 Flow Chart
  6. 106 Guide to working with Fed. Agencies
  7. 106 Tribes as Paid Contractors
  8. 106 Who to Contact if there are Problems
  9. 106 Sample Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)
  10. 106 Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP) staff assignments
  11. 106 Q & A
  12. 106 State Office of Historic Preservation staff assignments
  13. 106 Tribal Handbook
  14. 106 Archaeology Guide

California CRM Resources

  1. Criminal Laws Protecting Cultural Sites
  2. CEQA California Environmental Quality Act as it relates to Cultural Sites
  3. CEQA Flow Chart
  4. CEQA sections relating to Cultural Sites
  5. CEQA State Office of Historic Preservation staff assignments

Lake County CRM Resources

  1. Lake County General Plan Goals concerning Cultural Sites
  2. Lake County Zoning Code Article 38 (Historic Preservation)
  3. Legal opinion from Lake County Council concerning CEQA and CRM (1983)
  4. Court decisions concerning landowner's rights to use of property
  5. Lake County Heritage Commission Efforts Blocked (2009-2012)

Monitoring Resources

  1. Backhoe Etiquette
  2. What to Bring
  3. Standards of the Registry of Professional Archaeologists
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