Wolf Creek Ranch Visitors
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History and Prehistory of Lake County
and Beyond
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2005-07 Activities
2008 Visitors
2009 Visitors
2011 Visitors
2012 Visitors
2013 Visitors
Cheyanne, Mike and Regina at the creek.
Cheyanne, Regina, and Mike checking out the view.
Cousins Mike and Regina at the Point
Daughter Dawn and Cheyanne evening stroll by the creek
Cousins Dave and Sheri in the woods on the ranch
Coucin Sheri takes the Ranger out for a spin.
Daughter Amber and Scott take a spin in the Ranger
Grandson Jade brings Scott back from the woods (is he holding on for dear life?)
Grandson Jade takes the wheel, lookout for that ditch.
What? A catfish? Now what?
Camping at the ranch
Camping at the ranch
Mom and dad help us Celebrate close of escrow on Wolf Creek Ranch
Jade and Cheyanne haul wood
Jade uses a log to cross Wolf Creek
Sister Kathy and Ted visit the ranch
Cheyanne shows Mom and Aunt Dee where the house will go
John takes mom and aunt Dee on a tour of the ranch
Cheyanne sights in her Henry's
Amber and Jade say LETS EAT!
Cheyanne, mom, aunt Dee, and dad check out the lake view
Uriah and Cheyanne collecting art supplies
Cheyanne and grandson Uriah look for tadpoles
Son Jeremy leads the way across the creek
Dawn and Everleigh
L to R Amber, Jeremy, Cheyanne, Jade, Scott
John and grandson Jade watch winter flow
John's broken leg won't keep him from the ranch
Cousin Dave at the helm on Clear Lake
White Pelicans at Anderson Marsh
Sister Linda, Niece Sage, and Cheyanne take a boat trip through Anderson Marsh
Sage and Cheyanne along the trail
Linda and Sage at the grotto overlook
Sister Linda and Niece Sage join Cheyanne for a trip to the ranch
In the spring, tule shoots can be picked and eaten... try one.
2014 Visitors
Sarah and Helen Ryan and Cheyanne
Sarah and Helen Ryan and Cheyanne explore the giant rock.
John and Conner cut table slabs for Cheyanne.
Trying out the new Chain saw.