Cultural Resource Planning  

Dr. Parker of Archaeological Research help set up the California Historical Resource
Inventory System (CHRIS) at Sonoma State University during the 1970's.   Between
1986 and 1989, he ran the CHRIS South Central Coast Information Center at UCLA
and was responsible for maintaining all cultural resource records and reports for Los
Angeles, Ventura, and Orange Counties.  While at UCLA, 119 city and county planning
agencies looked to Dr. Parker for input and guidance concerning cultural resources
and their treatment under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).  Dr.
Parker has also held staff positions with the City of San Jose Public Works Dept., San
Luis Obispo County Planning Dept., Caltrans, and the U.S. Forest Service.  He served
two years as a Planning Commissioner for the City of Clearlake and chaired the Lake
County Heritage Commission.  This experience allows him to look at the land use
planning process from all perspectives.

Policy and Procedure Development

Dr. Parker has assisted in the development of policy and procedure guidelines for
many state and local agencies and special districts including Caltrans, the City of
San Jose Public Works Dept., San Luis Obispo County Planning, Lake County
Planning, Ventura County Planning, and Los Angeles Planning Dept.

CEQA Training

Dr. Parker has developed and conducted staff training programs for many
jurisdictions including the Cities of Carlsbad, Pismo Beach, Morro Bay, San Luis
Obispo, Arroyo Grande, and Lake County Supervisors and Planning Commissioners.

General Plan and Ordinance Development

Dr. Parker has assisted in writing Cultural Resource Sections for General Plans for
the State Park System, Lake County, and Sonoma County.  He also helped develop the
Lake County grading ordinance and provided valuable input during the development
of the San Luis Obispo City Archaeological Ordinance.  

If your agency is in need of his expertise, feel free to contact Dr. Parker at the address
or email listed below.
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