The Route Sailed
Californian Sails Through Channel Islands
History and Prehistory of Lake County
and Beyond
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The photos below chronicle the Channel Island expedition that Dr. Parker joined in
June 2009.   Click on any picture to enlarge.
               The voyage was aboard the Tall Ship Californian, a replica 1850's
revenue cutter that use to ply the California coastal waters in search of
smugglers.  The Californian is the State's official "Tall Ship" and the
course set through the Channel Islands followed closely that taken by
Juan Cabrillo in 1542.  Captain of the Californian, Dr. Ray Ashley is a
scholar who has spent years studying Cabrillo's voyage along with those
who came after him.
First stop, Santa Barbara Island
Seventh stop, San Nicolas Island
Nineth stop, Catalina Island, then back to San Diego
Forth stop, Santa Rosa Island
Fifth stop, Santa Barbara
Eighth stop, San Clemente Island
Sixth stop, San Miguel Island
Third stop, Santa Cruz Island
At anchor off Anacapa Island
The Anacapa Light
Examining archaeological sites at San Clemente Island
Parker at the helm
The monument on San Miguel Island
Cousin Dave flaking down a line
Cousin Dave at the helm
Cousin Dave at the dish washing station
Hauling in the sail
Full sails on the reach from San Clemente to Catalina
Taking aim at an aircraft carrier on return to San Diego.
All guns loaded and run out to salute the San Nicolas Island Navy Base
Preparing to leave Catalina
On a mooring at Avalon
Californian docks in Santa Barbara as guests of the Yacht Club
Parker and cousin Dave help provision the boat before casting off.
Californian Well Heeled
Hiking to the Cabrillo Monument on San Miguel Island
All hands to mess.
The Name Plank
Sights on our way back into San Diego Harbor
There is no question about who is in charge
The Navy greets us at San Clemente Island
Crew takes a tour of San Clemente Island
Dave doing his best Captain Morgan pose
At anchor in the cove at San Miguel Island
Cousin Dave admires flowers at San Miguel Island
Fox on base at San Nicolas Island
Parker ashore at San Nicolas island
Californian anchored off Santa Barbara Island
Watch mates land at Santa barbara Island
Watch mates shore at Santa Rosa Island
Preparing to anchor off Santa Rosa Island
Santa Barbara Yacht Club treats the crew to dinner onboard
Sunset aboard
Californian as seen from inside painted cave on Santa Cruz Island
Unfurling the topsails
Water over the decks
Sails filled
Heeled on the way to Avalon on Catalina
Woodwork on the Californian
Cousin Dave and John pose at Anacapa Island flag pole
Parker videos gulls nesting an Anacapa Island
Landing at Santa Barbara Island
Heading for Painted Cave, Santa Cruz Island
1880's ranch buildings at Santa Cruz Island
Californian from inside Painted Cave
The Wheel
Second stop, Anacapa Island