Between 1976 and 1978, Dr. John Parker surveyed, recorded and
nominated 43 prehistoric sites to the National Register of Historic
Places as the Anderson Marsh Archaeological District.

Between 1978 and 1982, Parker's grass-roots lobbying prompted the
State to purchase 1000 acres and 38 of those archaeological sites as
a new State Historic Park.  
Anderson Marsh
Site maintained as a public service by Archaeological Research, PO Box 1353, Lucerne, CA 95458.
History and Prehistory of Lake County
and Beyond
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went into the Anderson Marsh State Park acquisition.
Dr. Paul Baldwin conducted a study of bird-life at
Anderson Marsh in 1983.
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his report.
The Birds of Anderson Marsh
Western grebe on nest at Anderson Marsh
Dr. Baldwin and crew bird-watched every week for
one year and listed 146 species and the months
they were spotted at Anderson Marsh.
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see the monthly bird list.